Child’s Play


Transform your kid’s room to more than just the place where they sleep.

children's Room

Creative use space for children’s room

Create a play on a child’s imagination. This playful take on a traditional bunk bed utilizes unconventional lighting and a built in loft space, creating cozy nooks for children to hide play and build their dreams toward the future. In this case, the loft style space was created not only as an efficient use of space, but also as a clever design trick transforming a bedroom into an experience.

Utilizing the natural brickwork, this design has all the warmth and comfort of a nursery plus the playfulness of a kid’s room.
The floors have been refinished with contemporary blond wood to protect against splinters and scrapes and smooth plaster walls create the perfect background for budding young artists!

Because a kid’s room is not only where child sleeps, but where they grow.