Innovative Bedrooms


An open floor plan creates an open environment and an open mind

Create an open air environment all within doors. By using creative space and lighting techniques, sumptuous wall coverings and clever details, your living space can be transformed into an immersive experience.

In this particular bedroom lush colors and fabrics and modern window fittings complete the look for a bedroom that is both cozy, inviting, and user-friendly. Eclectic Builders aided in the design with the creative use of wall coverings.

Wall coverings come in a variety of textures, colors and designs – from the acoustic uses such as that used in recording studios, to fabric wall coverings to vintage reclaimed wood paneling now making a come back in some of the properties Eclectic Builders has worked on.

Here, a soft gray fabric wall covering adds to the overall look with rich tones tying the bedroom into the rest of the apartment.