A Kitchen in the Village


A quaint kitchen in Manhattan gives the feeling of home and comfort

village kitchen NYC

Village New York City Kitchen Remodeling

Bright colorful walls, hanging lights, alternate colored set-in kitchen cabinets, and blond wood refinished floors gives this small kitchen design a cheerful disposition.

In this kitchen remodel, Eclectic Builders was tasked with having to enlarge a very small, very dark kitchen without “bumping out” (adding on, or building an addition). They created a better “connection” between the kitchen and the dining room by using this creative use of the hand cut carving block, kitchen island. The new, open design lets the early rising sun flood the kitchen with light.

Open floor plans and uses of a kitchen island have long been part of contemporary design, this one has been put to good use with the efficient use of built-in kitchen cabinets beneath the island as well as above the stainless steel ventilation hoods and back-splashes in this unique small kitchen design.

Innovative Woodwork


Taking wood to the next level

Eclectic Builders in Manhattan works with specialists and their fine eye for detail, quality and workmanship. Whether your project is for a custom-built bamboo home office, a full-scale re-molding project, or an upbeat and contemporary finished roof deck, Eclectic Builders has you covered. They have worked with mahogany, white oak, teak, cypress and pine. Indoor wood floors have ranged from the classic to the modern from traditional planking to intricate inlaid designs.

All woods have been treated and tempered not only to create the correct finish to fit your home, but to last not just for your years – but for generations!

Wooden tiles, stains and specialized fittings are all part of the Eclectic Builders aesthetic, bringing your home to life.

A Touch of Spice


Colorful wall coverings spice up this modern bathroom design

colorful walls

Colorful Wall Coverings

Clean and modern, yet open and inviting. By using creative decorative wall coverings with just the right touch of color and the most modern appliances, this bathroom becomes both part of the 21st century and goes beyond it.

Here there is a wall-mounted toilet and a modern enclosed bath tub with a custom-made glass door. Large open windows that have been refitted to allow in the most light while retaining the most heat open up the space while built in drawers cleverly increase the efficiency of the space. The colorful wall coverings spice up the otherwise neutral space.

A Nursery in Black and White


Baby’s nursery remodeling looks beyond the primary colors

baby nursery

Vibrant black and white design

Look beyond the primary colors with this creative use for your baby’s nursery. The black and white theme is eclectic and vibrant, creating visual interest without clash.

Eclectic Builders has placed soft, restful wall coverings against the original brick work – here painted white for the main black and white theme. It is a non-traditional and gender-neutral take on the typical baby’s nursery that normally includes bright colors or variations on pink and blue.

Further, because visual interest is so important for a baby’s development, the high-contrast black and white theme can keep a baby’s mind active even as his eyes develop.

Innovative Bedrooms


An open floor plan creates an open environment and an open mind

Create an open air environment all within doors. By using creative space and lighting techniques, sumptuous wall coverings and clever details, your living space can be transformed into an immersive experience.

In this particular bedroom lush colors and fabrics and modern window fittings complete the look for a bedroom that is both cozy, inviting, and user-friendly. Eclectic Builders aided in the design with the creative use of wall coverings.

Wall coverings come in a variety of textures, colors and designs – from the acoustic uses such as that used in recording studios, to fabric wall coverings to vintage reclaimed wood paneling now making a come back in some of the properties Eclectic Builders has worked on.

Here, a soft gray fabric wall covering adds to the overall look with rich tones tying the bedroom into the rest of the apartment.

Child’s Play


Transform your kid’s room to more than just the place where they sleep.

children's Room

Creative use space for children’s room

Create a play on a child’s imagination. This playful take on a traditional bunk bed utilizes unconventional lighting and a built in loft space, creating cozy nooks for children to hide play and build their dreams toward the future. In this case, the loft style space was created not only as an efficient use of space, but also as a clever design trick transforming a bedroom into an experience.

Utilizing the natural brickwork, this design has all the warmth and comfort of a nursery plus the playfulness of a kid’s room.
The floors have been refinished with contemporary blond wood to protect against splinters and scrapes and smooth plaster walls create the perfect background for budding young artists!

Because a kid’s room is not only where child sleeps, but where they grow.

Eclectic Wall Coverings


Stunning graphic wall coverings to attract the eye and entice the touch. These wall coverings will transform a room from drab and dull to a sensual visual experience.

Eclectic Builders works with a variety of wall coverings from the sumptuous to the textural.

Types of wall coverings we have worked with include textured, hand-woven grass cloths, paper-backed natural linens, silk woven, and embossed vinyl in modern and historic prints. In addition, Eclectic Builders is experienced working with a variety of wood paneling, from light colored modern to art nouveau refinished molded wood. No matter what your style – graphically bright and funky or traditional – Eclectic Builders understands your style and the needs of your home.

Eclectic Builders has also worked with a variety of specialty wall coverings.

Many of these types of wall coverings are highly decorative, appropriate for use in any contract area where a dramatic look is desired.

Some of the most popular kinds of wall coverings have included string wall coverings (wall coverings that have very fine vertical threads) and natural textiles made of natural fibers and in a variety of colors. Natural textiles can be finely designed or coarse in texture depending on the desired look.

In modern times, digital wall coverings have become enormously popular. They provide an unlimited supply of designs, ideas, and colors.

Lastly, you will find Eclectic Builders is especially skilled with various forms of wooden wall coverings. These are usually made in sheets 18 to 24 inches wide and provided in any length up to 144 inches long. Due to characteristics relative to environmental and grain matching, wood veneers are used mostly in the office or conference room environment, along with some other specialty areas, such as large columns.

Stunning Living Areas


Eclectic and rustic come together in contemporary design

Let Eclectic Builders take the lead on your living spaces. Comfortable living areas of your home are important to Eclectic Builders and they will work hard to realize your vision for your re-designed space. That can include everything from changing the lighting, to retro-fitting new windows to allow in more light, to well designed floors and custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Eclectic Builders are also masters with wood working, from flooring to paneling, let Eclectic Builders do the job right!

According to your designers plans, they have also been known to use native architectural features,from natural brick work and vintage pressed tin ceilings and wooden moldings, Eclectic Builders works with what you have, within your space, to make the most out of your home!

Efficient Use Hall


Blond wood flooring and efficient custom-built storage space transform this hallway

hall wood floor

Efficient Use Hall

Living in New York is tough. And it’s not only the hustle and bustle, spaces in New York can be small and cramped. It take a creative mind to make the most of your small spaces and transform them into vistas.

This refinished modern blond wood floor fits the bill with efficient use of closet and hall space. With careful thought and planning, Eclectic Builders was able to transform the Manhattan space. An open kitchen, cleverly built-in cabinets and expanded closets and this living space was transformed into a spacious, yet functional new home.

Custom Herringbone Onyx


Herringbone designed onyx bathroom tile gives a little lift to this modern bathroom remodel in Manhattan

marble tile bathroom

Marble Herringbone Pattern Tile

Lovely inlaid onyx bathroom tile laid out in a herringbone pattern in this custom enclosed shower. This bathroom remodel with stainless steel details is part of a larger project, including a complete interior re-design.

Onyx bathroom tile in particular, creates a clean modern feel, especially when chosen and placed with the utmost precision and care. Working with such materials requires delicacy and accuracy, as they are measured by hand and must be handled gently. Eclectic Builders can promise such expertise. In this case, the herringbone pattern has been placed precisely so as to prevent water leakage. This design will prove to be easy to clean and will last for years preserving the pristine qualities of the onyx.

Inlaid designs are an interesting and eye-popping way to add interest to any bathroom.

Inlaid bathroom floors can be added in a pattern such as the one above, but also in mosaic patterns and simple offset patterns.
This is the simplest tile pattern and it showcases the beauty of the tile. the diagonal tile is set on a 45-degree angle. It adds interest and makes the floor feel expansive. This basic layout is also called a brick or offset pattern. The tiles are offset by half the width of the tile.

bathroom tile

Herringbone onyx floors