Bathroom in Slates and Grays


Slate and stone gray bathroom tile creates a restful atmosphere for this graceful Chelsea, Manhattan bathroom remodel

This bathroom is fitted with stone bathroom tile in varying shades of gray and earth-tones. The floor is tiled with modern slate slab bathroom tiles. A white porcelain sit-in tub with glass enclosures and a full vanity with double sinks ensures that this space is both restful for the mind and the body.

A full wall mirror and modern light fixtures lend to this unusual design.

Slate, long a popular building material, has seen an upsurge in its use in bathrooms and bathroom tile.

Slate, a very dense but soft and easily scratched material with low porosity, can be used effectively outdoors as well as indoors. Here, it’s used effectively to keep a smooth, uniform surface, helped in part by the natural cleavage into long, smooth sheets.

Most slate is gray to black, but the rock may be red or purple, depending on its mineral content. It has low to medium absorption of oils and other liquids and should be sealed with an oil-repellent penetrating sealer to prevent staining and reduce soiling as this one has been.

The walls are tiled in an offset pattern in an array of gray and earth-tones. The bathroom tile was cut according to specifications and fitted with modern mold resistant synthetic grout and sealed to ensure a long-lasting and easy-to-clean surface.

The tub seat is a custom-ordered design, refitted to the shape of this unique space. Both the double vanity sink and the tub provide the perfect counterpoint in clean, pure white glazed porcelain with stainless steel fixtures.