Custom Showers


Eclectic Builders has been involved in a number of bathroom remodel projects in Manhattan that require creative thinking for unusual spaces. It’s what they excel at.

For the ultimate bathroom remodel, consider a personalized, custom shower with all the features of a luxurious day spa for a total sensory experience designed to soothe both body and mind. Incorporate personalized settings and angles for wall and ceiling-mounted spray nozzles, pulsating sprays, and pivoting shower heads and panels for maximum coverage from above, below, front and back.

Transform your shower by combining components to match virtually any budget. Start by upgrading to a multifunction shower head. For a fuller experience, add sprays and jets that make more use of your existing water lines, or completely transform your shower into a spa-like retreat.

Enclosed shower doors are also extremely popular whether frame-less and hinge-less, sliding or with custom handles. All custom enclosed showers have been painstakingly measured and cut to fit the space. For the height of modern design, the custom-built enclosed shower creates efficiency and clean lines in a hygienic and easy-to-clean way.

Specializing in bathroom remodels with custom-fit showers in the sleekest of modern designs and the most technologically advanced features, Eclectic Builders is making over Manhattan.