Custom Herringbone Onyx


Herringbone designed onyx bathroom tile gives a little lift to this modern bathroom remodel in Manhattan

marble tile bathroom

Marble Herringbone Pattern Tile

Lovely inlaid onyx bathroom tile laid out in a herringbone pattern in this custom enclosed shower. This bathroom remodel with stainless steel details is part of a larger project, including a complete interior re-design.

Onyx bathroom tile in particular, creates a clean modern feel, especially when chosen and placed with the utmost precision and care. Working with such materials requires delicacy and accuracy, as they are measured by hand and must be handled gently. Eclectic Builders can promise such expertise. In this case, the herringbone pattern has been placed precisely so as to prevent water leakage. This design will prove to be easy to clean and will last for years preserving the pristine qualities of the onyx.

Inlaid designs are an interesting and eye-popping way to add interest to any bathroom.

Inlaid bathroom floors can be added in a pattern such as the one above, but also in mosaic patterns and simple offset patterns.
This is the simplest tile pattern and it showcases the beauty of the tile. the diagonal tile is set on a 45-degree angle. It adds interest and makes the floor feel expansive. This basic layout is also called a brick or offset pattern. The tiles are offset by half the width of the tile.

bathroom tile

Herringbone onyx floors

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