Deconstructed Sushi


Sushi Samba gets a redesigned interior with the help of Eclectic Builders

sushi samba

Restaurant interior Manhattan, NYC

Sushi Samba, on Manhattan’s West Village was in desperate need of some help. That’s where Eclectic Builders came in, resigning their interior to reflect the restaurant’s vision of sleek, clean and modern interiors. With chic red banquette dining seating and interesting textural details, Eclectic Builders was able to achieve just that. Notice the open cooking areas and the cozy yet contemporary wall coverings – making this restaurant a Michelin three-star delight for the eyes!
Eclectic Builders, general contractors, working in areas of expertise, were able to transform this space using a sensitive eye and the right qualified workmen and artisans that transformed a restaurant into the stage for experience.

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