The Full Monty – Remodeling the Manhattan Highlands


Livingroom 2

Eclectic Builders has done their fair share of remodeling in Manhattan, what makes this apartment so different?

Eclectic Builders has been around for a while. They have worked on full-scale carpentry projects to modest remodeling jobs. Due to their exceptional skills and craftsmanship, the word has spread. They’ve now moved on to taking bigger and more involved projects – including this remodel.

Located in Manhattan’s buzzing and lively neighborhood of Chelsea, this full-scale remodeling encompassed every room in the what was originally a very small and cramped apartment.

The living room design and kitchen were modified to allow more light to come in from every angle.

The bedroom floors, walls and light fixtures were updated and modernized. Bathrooms were completely gutted and given a new contemporary feel – from minimalist bathroom fixtures to the custom-fitted shower. Even the hall received the attention it is not normally afforded in the form of custom floor coverings.

However, the crown jewel of this project rests on the kitchen – which included a glass door that needed to be fitted and modified to allow for the most light.

Each stage of the remodel was engineered to allow for the most light, the most efficient use of space and to create the illusion of more space.

Eclectic Builders achieved this goal while also working closely with the client, designers and other professionals necessary to the success of this project.

Please review all of Eclectic Builders projects to see their expert use of light and space.

Deconstructed Sushi


Sushi Samba gets a redesigned interior with the help of Eclectic Builders

sushi samba

Restaurant interior Manhattan, NYC

Sushi Samba, on Manhattan’s West Village was in desperate need of some help. That’s where Eclectic Builders came in, resigning their interior to reflect the restaurant’s vision of sleek, clean and modern interiors. With chic red banquette dining seating and interesting textural details, Eclectic Builders was able to achieve just that. Notice the open cooking areas and the cozy yet contemporary wall coverings – making this restaurant a Michelin three-star delight for the eyes!
Eclectic Builders, general contractors, working in areas of expertise, were able to transform this space using a sensitive eye and the right qualified workmen and artisans that transformed a restaurant into the stage for experience.